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Online court proposed to resolve claims of up to £25,000

この発表をしたCivil Justice Councilというのは、民事裁判所と民事裁判制度の現代化を提案する公的諮問機関であり、 the Civil Procedure Act 1997という法律に基づいて設置されたものだ。





報告書はOnline Dispute Resolution (ODR)のページを通じて読むことができる。


2.1 Our principal recommendation is that HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) should establish a new, Internet-based court service, known as HM Online Court (HMOC). We recommend that HMOC should be a three-tier service.

2.2 Tier One of HMOC should provide Online Evaluation.This facility will help users with a grievance to classify and categorize their problem, to be aware of their rights and obligations, and to understand the options and remedies available to them.

2.3 Tier Two of HMOC should provide Online Facilitation. To bring a dispute to a speedy, fair conclusion without the involvement of judges, this service will provide online facilitators. Communicating via the Internet, these individuals will review papers and statements and help parties through mediation and negotiation.They will be supported where necessary, by telephone conferencing facilities.Additionally, there will be some automated negotiation, which are systems that help parties resolve their differences without the intervention of human experts.

2.4 Tier Three of HMOC should provide Online Judges – full-time and part-time members of the Judiciary who will decide suitable cases or parts of cases on an online basis, largely on the basis of papers submitted to them electronically as part of a structured process of online pleading.This process will again be supported, where necessary, by telephone conferencing facilities.

2.5 The establishment of HMOC will require two major innovations in the justice system of England and Wales. The first is that some judges should be trained and authorized to decide some cases (or aspects of some cases) on an online basis.The second innovation is that the state should formally fund and make available some online facilitation and online evaluation services.

2.6 To ensure the implementation of our principal recommendation, we propose three supporting recommendations:

• that HMCTS introduces an ODR stream into its current programme for the reform of civil, family, and tribunal work, and allocates a modest fraction of its £75 million annual reform budget (over five years) for the establishment of HMOC;

• that all political parties offer in-principle support for HMOC, as a viable way of increasing access to justice and reducing the cost of the resolution of civil disputes; and

• that the Civil Justice Council invites the ODR Advisory Group to commence a new phase of work, collaborating with HMCTS and the Judiciary in formally piloting ODR, designing HMOC, and raising awareness of this new approach to the handling of civil disputes.

2.7 Although our terms of reference are restricted to civil claims under the value of £25,000, we believe that that the jurisdiction of HMOC should also be extended to suitable family disputes and to appropriate cases that come before today’s tribunals.

2.8 The remainder of this report expands on the recommendations of this section and on our underlying thinking.


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